Model Showcase – Sergeant Justice!

So in the show Mobile Suit Gundam Doubl… wait a minute, we aren’t talking about Gundam this week! Praise the Dark Gods, for it is a Christmas miracle! The occasion needed to drag my slacking ass back into 40k was a friend’s birthday, and although I know he would have been happy with anything Space… Continue reading Model Showcase – Sergeant Justice!

Model Showcase – Finished Doom Scythes!

Well hello there. It certainly has been a while, hasn’t it? I hope you aren’t too offended by this, but you really are the only one that I want to share this with, so sit back and don’t be afraid of staring at my pair of PAINTED DOOM SCYTHES. Control your erections, for its about… Continue reading Model Showcase – Finished Doom Scythes!

Model Showcase – Doom Scythe Duo

What up? So as I hinted at last week, I was going to make another Doom Scythe Gundam conversion thing, and indeed I have! Those of you who did your homework will already know that it is based off of the Thunderbolt Gundam, which is an evil piece of work, but for those who didn’t,… Continue reading Model Showcase – Doom Scythe Duo

Model Showcase – Necrons Wave 2

Two weeks after I promised new models, I have brought forth some more for your visual consumption! Since everything I do these days seems to be based around some sort of Mech, here we have some more Necrons! Boring stuff out the way first; 10 more Necron Warriors bringing me up to the magic number… Continue reading Model Showcase – Necrons Wave 2

Painted – Destroyer Lord and Warriors

Hello again! It feels like a very long time since I last made a post about actual models, but never fear, for that is what I have come to show you this time around! First up are some Necron Warrior conversions. Funnily enough these are nothing like what I had planned to do, the original… Continue reading Painted – Destroyer Lord and Warriors

Thoughts – Traitor Legions

What, is it time for new Chaos Space Marine rules again!? Apparently it is, and I have had a quick read of the book, and I thought I’d give my impressions! This time I want to go more in depth, and really break down some of the big stuff, since this is what we Chaos… Continue reading Thoughts – Traitor Legions